Scanmaster 2.1 for Turbo Buick


Small scantool to help tune and troubleshoot.



Excellent small scantool for monitoring Knock retard, O2 readings, sensors, etc. Version 2.1 is the newest version.
Will show you:
O2 – Oxygen sensor millivolts
KR – Knock Retard
AF – MAF Airflow in grams/sec
LV8 – Load Value
BAT – Voltage to the ECM
INT – Integrator
BLM – Block Learn Multiplier
MPH – Miles Per Hour
CLT – Coolant Temp
ATS – Air Intake Temp
RPM – Current Engine RPM
TPS – Throttle Position in volts
IAC – Idle Air Control motor commanded position
CC – Oxygen Sensor Cross Counts
MAL – Malfunction Codes

Simple hookup, 12v, gound, and one wire connects to ALDL plug under rad