LTCC LT1 Coil per Cylinder Converter


Upgrade your LT1 car to a modern ignition system. Increased spark energy, extended optispark life.

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Benefits of the system are: extended opti life much stronger ignition at high RPM/boost built in adjustable rev limiter / two-step built in adjustable N2O / boost retard. It’s just plain cool.

  • An LTCC kit includes the interface unit and harness.
  • This harness plugs between the LTCC unit and OEM(GM) coil harnesses, not into the coils themselves.
  • When shopping for coils, be sure to get the harnesses with them.
    Most sets of coils in the junkyards and on Ebay come with these harnesses.
  • MSD coils do not work properly. LS1, LS2, and LS7 coils have been the best. LS2 coils (12573190) are very popular.
  • The round body truck coils with the metal fins (19005218) DO NOT WORK
  • We recommend Magnecor plug wires, an alternative is the Taylor SpiroPro wires.
    • Magnecor wires generally need to be custom made for your application.
    • SpiroPro wires can be assembled to fit. Use a Cut-yourself HEI kit and an LT1 terminal and boot kit.


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1992, 1993-1997