Scanmaster G Datalogging and Scantool in a 2-1/16" Gauge
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2-1/16" gauge mounting,  black bezel, black face standard.  Other colors available
128 x 64 pixel OLED screen.  Full text for data / info
Reads ALDL streams (regular and high-speed) and PowerLogger
Bluetooth for wireless logging to Android (phone/tablet) and PC for both PowerLogger and ALDL
Automatic internal logging of PowerLogger data
View and clear diagnostic trouble codes,  diagnose and tune your engine.
The Scanmaster has been the must-have device for all Turbo Buick owners since 1993!!   Now updated to 21st century technology!!  Now even more of a must-have!
XFI or Classic FAST
269.99 shipped
Buick or Syclone/Typhoon (SyTy)
269.99 shipped