Bailey Engineering LTCC setup

NOTE:  Low resistance plug wires like the MSD Superconductor, as well
as similar products by other manufacturers have been known to cause
problems on LTCC equipped vehicles.

LTCC control module

This is the LTCC (LT1-to-LS1 coil conversion) designed and manufactured by Bob Bailey of Bailey Engineering, the same outfit that designed and produced the popular Scanmaster MAF translator and Translator plus for Turbo Buicks and LT1s

Benefits of the system are: extended opti life much stronger ignition at high RPM/boost built in adjustable rev limiter / two-step built in adjustable N2O / boost retard. It's just plain cool.

The price is $399 for the box and harness. It still uses the optical module in the Optispark, but no high voltage is passed through it, removing the source of damaging ozone that eventually leads to Optispark failure.

This is not totally a bolt-on deal but will require some individual creativity on mounting the coils (making a bracket to hold the coils, etc) and getting the plug wires from the coils to the plugs, see the pictures below. The harness is plug and play, no splicing required. It uses 8 LS1 coil packs which you would also have to purchase along with some other parts.

8-#12558948 coil 
Taylor Spiro-pro cut to fit wires or equivalent (NOT ultra-low resistance type). 
1-LTCC Module/Harness
Coil mounting provisions

There is a thread on this system at the CarmaroZ28 Forum

Email Bob Bailey for purchasing or technical information about the LTCC sytem.

More Pictures:IMGP0076.JPG
early prototype








Coil bracket


the guts


Control Module




For the MBA brackets, check out these guys:

The Sun Spec brackets are available directly from   Sun Spec Billet Factory; Owner: Richi Patzwald 573-346-6929